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31 January 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Upon review, there have been an inordinate amount of car-related mishaps in my life recently. This is about to get embarrassing...

On my way to the airport when I was visiting Arizona for Christmas, I ran a red light that I forgot existed in the fog and nearly fell off the road.

On New Years Eve I did fall off the road. Twice. I ended up in two separate ditches and had to let two separate do-gooders help me out.

At some point I somehow broke the do-hickey that holds up the stand which holds up my hood.

And today I locked myself out of my car at the bp on 1st and Hillcrest. I was an hour and a half late to work.

I am more than a little ridiculous.
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23 July 2007 @ 01:53 am
mmmm lemon poppy seed muffins....mmmm everything bagels....mmmm....DRUG TEST!?

Yes, I've finally gotten a job, and now I've eaten twenty times my usual intake of poppy seeds. Damn it!

Oh well. The last few days have been pretty eventful.

I drove with Ryan to work on Wednesday so I could go to a waterpark with my aunt and grandma and little cousins. The rain held out and it was fun.

I met Ryan back at his office around 3:30 and we walked to the train station and headed out towards the city. We saw the free Decemberists concert at Millenium Park. Ryan's dad met us out there and for most of the concert we were kind of on the outskirts, but for the last two songs we hopped a rail and got pretty close. The band sounded awesome with the orchestra and they played 'The Tain', which is this really gorgeous epic 17 minute song. During the Mariner's Revenge song a giant burst of thunder hit just as Colin sang the lines 'the ocean shook, the sky went black, and the captain quailed'. Intense!

So obviously, it poured shortly thereafter. We made the retarded mistake of not walking immediately back to the train station because I wanted to see the lightning over the lake, which was waaaayyy farther away than I had realized. So when the rain starts coming in sideways like little painful wet needles, we have something like ten city blocks to walk. NOTHING on my person was dry when we got there, not even my phone which was zipped up inside my purse. If the walk back was actually kind of fun, the train ride home was wet and cold and grouchy because of said broken phone (ryan's is broken too). And before we could even get dry on the train we had to get off and walk back to my car. agh. Luckily I'd done laundry at my grandmas and we had our choice of lovely dry clothes. And chili from Wendy's helped too.

So Thursday I went to a barbaque at my old neighbor's house. At one point me and my neighbors Aundrea and Megan were out on his front porch and Jeremy's american bulldog, Buddy, comes outside and immediately books it across the street. We started yelling at him to come back but things escalated in about two seconds. Buddy just latched onto the neck of a border collie across the street and would not let go. His owner was screaming at me to get my effing dog off his dog and I couldn't do a thing. Some other guy from the neighborhood ran up and started hitting Buddy with his shoe and screaming the most intimidating scream I'VE ever heard in my life, but Buddy was just latched on. It seemed to go on for hours. Eventually Jeremy ran up and just picked Buddy up, I have no idea how that got him off the dog.

The poor border collie was so calm, maybe in shock? He was bleeding from his neck but it looked like he'd be okay...Jeremy gave the guy his number and as far as I know he hasn't contacted him yet.

Sometimes I can't believe people live with animals. Eep.

That is all! Wish me luck peeing in a cup.
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22 June 2007 @ 01:44 am
I had sort of an odd night.

I heard this wild flapping outside my window and the cats were going nuts. I went outside thinking a bird had crashed into a window, which happened at my parent's house in Naperville and totally broke my heart.

So this little bird is flapping about and he looks pretty energetic and healthy and such, but he's not flying. Plus there's a neighborhood cat prowling about so I spend something like two hours watching the bird and trying to find a 24-hour wildlife rescue or hotline or something. So I reach one and she tells me he's probably a fledgling and to bring him inside for the night, but that sounds like an odd course of action...so I talk to another guy and he tells me to put him on the roof. I guess so he can learn to fly off the roof?

Errrr. I have no idea why I tried that. Miserable failure. I kind of coaxed the bird out of this bush and put him under a collander and slipped a plate under the collander and put him on the roof of the shed and he promptly fell off. Bah.

So he's freaked out and running around flapping and sort of lifting off the ground...a little...maybe.

In the end, the cat was long gone, so I just let him be and felt pretty naive for thinking I could really do much for the poor thing but psychologically traumatize him for life.

Hmmm...in other news, I had my "working interview" at red leaf digital and I'm pretty sure they'll offer me the job. Now the question is if I want to waste(?) another two(?) years of my life doing something that isn't exactly what I want to do?
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16 May 2007 @ 11:30 am
New favorite not-job-searching diversion: Craigslist.org 'missed connections' section.

'i see you everywhere. color coordinated bike. - w4m'

i see you and your bike everywhere i go.
you said you were kinda neurotic about color coordination.
so am i.
who are you?

'alliance - m4w - 24'

you: die-hard cardinals fan (nice tattoo) drinking coffee-like beverage
me: pretending to write a paper. smitten.

we: should play checkers and talk about society.

So adorable. In other news, I have no idea what my life is going to be like in a month or two. No idea, and I'm trying very hard to enjoy the feeling.
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28 February 2007 @ 04:28 pm
it's raining dippin' dots!

mm...ozone flavored dippin' dots...
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27 December 2006 @ 06:59 pm
I made an elf of tc.

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01 December 2006 @ 05:24 pm

(restored from draft) I typed that when waffle spilled grape juice on my keyboard. I was going to translate it when I got a new keyboard, and now I have no idea what it says! I swear it was entertaining.

SNOW! I was supposed to have an evil day today and SNOW came and fixed EVERYTHING! It did! I got 1 (one) hour of sleep and thought I was going to have to go in and face my DM today, but NO! Because he lives in Wisconsin yay!

Instead I ate ribs with Beth in the breakroom. Though they did make my tummy hurt. I have no idea why ribs at 11am sounded like a good idea.

I am wearing snowpants and trying to gain the momentum to shovel my parking space.

One of my neighbors helped me shovel myself out this morning (yay for Jose!) and another mystery neighbor shoveled my walk.

I love neighbors! I love snow!

Tentative plans for drunken sledding tomorrow, with at least Ryan and Rob. Who else is with me? If you're not with me for drunken sledding, you're against me.
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17 October 2006 @ 06:26 pm
Yesterday I was all pumped to be in this hotel alone, and now I am feeling very restless and lonely. I wandered around this little town for hours and it's so grey and sad. Not conducive to happy thoughts.

Anyway, I bought some of you gifts! But forgive me if I don't send postcards from sunny Oshkosh...

I almost got a speeding ticket, but got a warning instead, which shocked me. It is wonderful and everything, but I wonder what the point of pulling me over in the first place really was? Anyway, my new advice to everyone: never go thirteen miles per hour over the speed limit. This is the only way I have ever been pulled over, and I've been told by other people that they were pulled over while making the same mistake. Go fourteen over.

Christ. What the hell am I going to do all night?
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29 September 2006 @ 01:02 am
I had an eventful day for once!

I had an interview for pds supervisor which went really well. It's a lot more work for a little more money, but it's a step. If I'm going to be a townie, I might as well do it right, right? right right.

Jaclyn called me to go watch Grey's Anatomy, but as I was leaving I saw my neighbor moving heavy things alone, so I helped him out. He offered me my choice from his closet full of wedding dresses (he works at a bridal shop, he was going to sell them on ebay. or he's into drag) or a piece of cat furniture for my troubles. Score on the cat furniture man, that shit's expensive.

Also, after seeing the basement of this house I am absolutely convinced it is haunted. Creepy creepy creepy. It has corridor after corridor of creepiness. I think it is also bigger than the house.

Jaclyn and I watched Grey's Anatomy, but then I couldn't convince her to join me at the Blood to Moon show at the House. Which I enjoyed thoroughly anyway, because there was peach tea and good music. mmm.

And now I am home and wired from too much tea and way too much activity.

hmmm. alaska can come too. the end!
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06 July 2006 @ 05:55 am
HOLY FREE INTERNET BATMAN! Yet another reason why my new apartment rocks my socks. I guess I should figure out who I'm ganking this from and give them some monies. hmmm...maybe I won't even get cable hooked up, but that would make my recent $110 tv purchase sort of silly. I was having buyers remorse anyway....

Something about this apartment (even if it is haunted..) is changing the way I live, or maybe it's just the living alone. But I feel sort of more serene, or normal, or at least happy to do normal everyday things. Like I want to start reading the paper, gardening, taking walks. I am turning into an old lady.

It was probably also the lack of internet and tv, hm. And also, moving places always makes me feel really in control and happy because I get to organize and decorate and create my own little place. Nesting instinct, I guess.

The vast majority of this weekend was awesome. Everyone is welcome to come out again whenever, totally open invite. I have no couch yet. But we can cuddle! Or you can park your happy asses on the floor. :D
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