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23 June 2006 @ 03:13 pm
I've been reading livejournal posts in the library for like thirty minutes now. You guys crack me up. I was totally having livejournal withdrawl seizures.

People should visit me in DeKalb, or notify me of non-DeKalb happenings. I'll make pretty much any trip!

There's way way too much to update on. I really can't even begin...
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10 May 2006 @ 01:56 am
My body is self-sabotaging. It just cut a huge chunk of its finger off whilst cutting out resumes. This morning it ignored its owners alarm clock for about two hours. It is taking its revenge on me in subtle and cunning ways. Obviously, this means war. I am going to deprive it of sleep and sustanance all night. And I'm going to let this finger bleed out all its food supply. haHA, body.

(I'm going insane.)
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08 May 2006 @ 11:27 am
Sarah is talking about how the word for bear in Indonesian is the same for the word that means to be wealthy. Beruang. So if you wanted to talk about a wealthy bear, you would say beruang beruang. If you wanted to talk about many wealthy bears, you would say beruang beruang beruang.

And so on.

Project doing is much better with Eddie and Sarah in my bed. And so much hotter!

Work in an hour. haha. Oh dear.
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28 April 2006 @ 05:46 am
Dear Computer,

Unless you want to be thrown off my balcony, now is not the time to fuck with me.

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25 April 2006 @ 11:29 am
I had an awful zombie dream that totally put me in the mood to stay in all day. It was so freaking creepy. I was on a cruise boat and the bartender says "the world is going to end at 3:09" and I look up and it's 3:08, which just totally freaked me out because no one ever prophesizes shit that's going to happen in a minute! So the sky like opens up and everything starts shaking, and eventually I jump off the boat and swim to this island that's only like twenty feet away, thankfully. Zombie stuff ensues, and I survive a shitload of them only to be scratched by an infected cat and zombified.

These dreams seriously make me afraid to go outside! This'll teach me not to go to bed at a decent enough hour that I'm not too zonked out to dream! :P
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24 April 2006 @ 01:49 am
Eggplant parmesian is breaded heaven. Even if you have to drive to Rockford for it!

My final senior project review is on Friday. I am panicing. That looks like it should have a 'k' in it; I am panicKing with a capital 'K'.

I need to focus. Focus focus focus. I'm not sure which is scarier: that it's impending, or that it's almost over. To quote Jaclyn's avatar: "Can't sleep: future will eat me."
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05 April 2006 @ 06:16 am
Never try to do a project that you had three months to do in a night.

Also, never shave your legs (or anything else, for that matter) on very little sleep with a new razor; the blood loss was not negligable.

I'll make sure to keep you updated on any other extremely obvious life lessons I come across tonight.
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28 March 2006 @ 06:42 am
I miss my old apartment where people kept some of the same hours as me. I want to talk to someone. It's only 1am, despite what my stupid lj clock says. Someone should be awake.

I finally started to put some things away that I got from my parents house when they moved. I have something like 50 spiral notebooks full of poetry, I shit you not. I realize that admitting that probably gives a lot of insight into how emo I was in high school, even though I wasn't even really cool enough to be emo. But some of it, I really like, and wonder how it could have come from me. I can't write creatively for shit anymore, and it makes me very sad. I'm pretty sure I've just totally walled up that ability, and with it a lot of my ability to figure out what I'm really thinking about things. I'm really good at art as a craft, but for me it's never been as expressive as writing was.

I really want to get a tattoo along the side of my torso, sort of on my rib cage and under my arm of crop circles. I know I've been talking about this for years, but bare with me here...I'm just not sure I should get crop circles, because I don't want people to think I think I've been abducted or some crazy shit. But then again, I don't care. I just think they're gorgeous.

My vis com teacher is letting me borrow cs2, which is probably like a $2000 program. Rawk! But I had to order RAM before I can download it. But my dad said he'd buy it for me. So. Rawk! People are way too good to me.

Every once in a while a glance down and giggle: my forearm says I <3 fine ladies. So true. Thank you Sarah. You are the finest lady of them all. :P
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27 March 2006 @ 08:18 am
Things are finally coming together with my senior project. I don't have anything solid together yet, but I've a million ideas that I know I'll be able to get good and helpful feedback on tomorrow. The thing that worries me about all these projects is that no matter how long I have to complete them, I only make any real progress 6/7's of the way through...11/12's even. And it's not like I'm not trying to generate ideas the whole time! It's like my brain only responds creatively when it has to get itself out of deep shit. Stupid brain.
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SpyderPdiddy: howd your projects go
Skiface: they went poorly.
SpyderPdiddy: whys that
Skiface: i just had a bad crit, it happens i guess. i'm just a bit freaked because it's my senior project. I'll cope. :)
SpyderPdiddy: yea
SpyderPdiddy: sorry about that
SpyderPdiddy: and im sorry about your crit
Skiface: haha. condolences on your crit. that should be a poster EVERYWHERE in the art building.
Skiface: that should be my effing senior project. :)
Skiface: it would totally be vandelized to say condolences on your clit, though.
SpyderPdiddy: hahahhaha
SpyderPdiddy: :-P:-[O:-)
Skiface: what an array of emotive faces you have there. :)
SpyderPdiddy: then you would see my "how about you crit my clit" posters
Skiface: haaaaaaahaha!
Skiface: the imagery would be tricky.
SpyderPdiddy: no it wouldnt
SpyderPdiddy: it would be three images
SpyderPdiddy: a large central picture of a clit
SpyderPdiddy: and then two small pictures of me, one on each side..one giving the thumbs up, and on the other side thumbs down
SpyderPdiddy: and then at the bottom of pic of me gicing the "i dont know" arm gesture
Skiface: hhahahaha!!!! oh my god. haaa. hey, maybe it should be a painting of a clit. double meaning.
Skiface: maybe not, but matt, this is too good not to create.
SpyderPdiddy: yea
Skiface: i'll make the initial posters, you vandalize all of them immediately, and we'll take it from there.
SpyderPdiddy: now where to get the perfect clit reference....
Skiface: hahaha! that's a tricky one
Skiface: you might have to take one for the team and go out and get some. :)
SpyderPdiddy: haha
SpyderPdiddy: i know
SpyderPdiddy: i will have a cinderella type screening process
Skiface: or three little bears.
SpyderPdiddy: hhaha o m g
SpyderPdiddy: well there needs to be many volunteers thats for sure
Skiface: i agree! the line will rap twice around the building. everyone in the kingdom.
Skiface: actually, i'm thinking that whole experience might be sort of traumatizing
SpyderPdiddy: darn
SpyderPdiddy: i was hoping instead of traumatizing it would be titilating
Skiface: tits would be titilating...clits well, ya know.
Skiface: ha, where has this conversation gone?
SpyderPdiddy: apparently to clits n' tits
Skiface: amazing how that always happens. hehehe.
SpyderPdiddy: which, if it were a store, would be my favorite place in the world
Skiface: lmao
Skiface: i smell a franchise.
SpyderPdiddy: my friends would me mad that i never hung out with them anymore
SpyderPdiddy: "hes always at clits n' tits"
Skiface: oh, like they wouldn't be there with you
SpyderPdiddy: haha
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