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23 July 2007 @ 01:53 am
mmmm lemon poppy seed muffins....mmmm everything bagels....mmmm....DRUG TEST!?

Yes, I've finally gotten a job, and now I've eaten twenty times my usual intake of poppy seeds. Damn it!

Oh well. The last few days have been pretty eventful.

I drove with Ryan to work on Wednesday so I could go to a waterpark with my aunt and grandma and little cousins. The rain held out and it was fun.

I met Ryan back at his office around 3:30 and we walked to the train station and headed out towards the city. We saw the free Decemberists concert at Millenium Park. Ryan's dad met us out there and for most of the concert we were kind of on the outskirts, but for the last two songs we hopped a rail and got pretty close. The band sounded awesome with the orchestra and they played 'The Tain', which is this really gorgeous epic 17 minute song. During the Mariner's Revenge song a giant burst of thunder hit just as Colin sang the lines 'the ocean shook, the sky went black, and the captain quailed'. Intense!

So obviously, it poured shortly thereafter. We made the retarded mistake of not walking immediately back to the train station because I wanted to see the lightning over the lake, which was waaaayyy farther away than I had realized. So when the rain starts coming in sideways like little painful wet needles, we have something like ten city blocks to walk. NOTHING on my person was dry when we got there, not even my phone which was zipped up inside my purse. If the walk back was actually kind of fun, the train ride home was wet and cold and grouchy because of said broken phone (ryan's is broken too). And before we could even get dry on the train we had to get off and walk back to my car. agh. Luckily I'd done laundry at my grandmas and we had our choice of lovely dry clothes. And chili from Wendy's helped too.

So Thursday I went to a barbaque at my old neighbor's house. At one point me and my neighbors Aundrea and Megan were out on his front porch and Jeremy's american bulldog, Buddy, comes outside and immediately books it across the street. We started yelling at him to come back but things escalated in about two seconds. Buddy just latched onto the neck of a border collie across the street and would not let go. His owner was screaming at me to get my effing dog off his dog and I couldn't do a thing. Some other guy from the neighborhood ran up and started hitting Buddy with his shoe and screaming the most intimidating scream I'VE ever heard in my life, but Buddy was just latched on. It seemed to go on for hours. Eventually Jeremy ran up and just picked Buddy up, I have no idea how that got him off the dog.

The poor border collie was so calm, maybe in shock? He was bleeding from his neck but it looked like he'd be okay...Jeremy gave the guy his number and as far as I know he hasn't contacted him yet.

Sometimes I can't believe people live with animals. Eep.

That is all! Wish me luck peeing in a cup.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
robpaulson on July 25th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)

When you pee in a cup.....

Urine for a lot of fun!

I totally just made that up. It should be on a T-shirt or something. Anyway, good luck with your cup peeing - and congrats on the job.